OAK S.O.S. Beard oil

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OAK has produced a limited S.O.S. BEARD OIL at short notice especially for the local trade. Especially, because this BEARD OIL is only offered to local stores and not to online-only retailers.

It helps to attract attention for this special situation in the trade. And it should help financially, because the dealers can buy this product at special conditions.


A little beard oil will certainly not be able to save the stationary trade on its own. That's why instead of the product name the mission is big on the bottle. And this mission is bigger than buying a product from OAK.

This mission covers the situation in the shopping streets that live on diversity. It includes the choice of the assortments that make shops favourite places.

And, of course, it includes the stories of the people who make a living out of these stores and make shopping more than just consumption.

And anyone can help with that: Buy local, help locals! You just have to be reminded again and again. That's how a little oil can become a big thing after all.

  • 30 ml
  • Limited Edition
  • Vegan
  • With nourishing jojoba-oil
  • New aromatic fragrance:
  • Bitter orange, cardamom, incense