DENIS Refill Original Grease

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This is a refill product only.
Please transfer to the original container before use.
When refilling grease, ensure the container, cap, pump and other components are well washed and dried.
Avoid placing container in direct sunlight, exposure to extremes of temperature and high humidity.
Store with cap firmly closed and use up as soon as possible.

【How to refill】
Take the existing container, wash it well and dry it thoroughly, then place entire contents of the refill into it.
The product may be fairly solid depending on temperature and environment.
In this case, soften the grease by placing it in a little warm water to make the transfer easy.
Another effective technique is to work the grease with a clean, hard scraper or similar.

※ The pack contains at least 70g.

Please understand that some product will remain on the inside walls of the container.