Mess of Blues Impeccable Cream Pomade

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This water-based Cream Pomade has been designed with the modern gentleman in mind. He constantly travels for business or pleasure and always needs his hair to be impeccable yet with a natural look.

The product’s consistency and texture allow for a smooth application and comb through, and is easy to reactivate, helping you restyle your hair during the day. It gently washes out in the shower, leaving your hair without any residue. 

Highly skilled chemists craft this product in Belgium with the most exigent of standards, paying attention, first and foremost, to using only healthy and nourishing ingredients.
We want our customers to benefit from the great scalp moisturising properties contained in the five vitamins we included in our formula. Together with lush coconut oil, African Shea butter and carnauba wax, the ingredients in our Cream Pomade reduce protein loss, keep hair from drying out and breaking off, and improve your hair’s gloss and shine, day by day.